Thailand may no longer be a secret, but its popular for a reason

If you're looking for budget paradise without having to rough it? Then Thailand should be high on your list. 

It's home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, but a trip to the North and off the tourist trail is equally rewarding.


Quick Summary

  • Top Tip: Explore beyond the most popular places and you can still get paradise islands that are relatively quiet (we loved the Trang Islands).

  • Currency: Thai Baht

  • Visa: Thailand offers a 30 day visa on arrival for most countries.

  • Safety: Thailand is very safe.

  • When to go: Thailand's monsoon seasons can be pretty confusing, but you can visit at just about any time of year. Whilst the north has a hot and cooler season, the south is always hot.

    • Peak Season: December - March (dry season and cool in the North)

    • Off Season: April - August (rainy season and can get unbelievably hot / humid up north)

  • Walk My World Cost Index: $$ - Thailand is pretty cheap and is one of the best value destinations in the world, offering good quality for low cost. There is a lot of choice at the higher end for those one in a lifetime experiences.

    • ATM charges in Thailand are shockingly high, with the majority of cash machines charging 200 - 250 baht per withdrawal ($6-7 USD) on top of any fees your bank charges.

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