Canada is on virtually everyone’s bucket list for a reason

This incredible country has a bit of everything, and the mountains, glaciers, wildlife and stunning landscapes will have you captivated.

There are few places in the world quite like it. So save up your pennies and finally book that trip you always dreamed of!

Quick Summary

Best of Canada - Peyto Lake
  • Top Tip: Buy an Annual Pass to the National Parks. You only need to have visited for 6 days to save money (something that’s very easy to do in Banff and Jasper where all the best sights are in the parks).

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar

  • Visa: All visitors need to get a visa or visa waiver prior to arrival. We got the ETA online which allows visits for up to 180 days per stay.

  • Safety: Canada is very safe on the whole, but you should be careful in big cities and take your usual precautions. You should read up on bear safety if visiting the national parks or camping to avoid any encounters (though they are rare).

  • When to go: Much of Canada has a very very short season if your primary interest is hiking with snow starting in September until the first week of July. You can only hike the upper trails in peak season, but there are still some really unique experiences you can have in the off-season.

    • Peak Season: July - August (Summer school holidays)

    • Off Season: Any other time

  • Walk My World Cost Index: $$$$$ - Canada is as expensive as it gets for a traveller. Due to a very short peak season, most places will “make hay while the sun shines”. Off-season will see prices drop dramatically, but you’ll be restricted with what you can do in many areas.

Best of Canada


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