22 photos to inspire you to visit Vanuatu

Vanuatu may just be one of the most idyllic tropical countries we've ever visited. As most people either go to its famous neighbour Fiji, or choose to visit on a cruise ship, this archipelago is very quiet most of the time, so you get all the paradise spots to yourself.

If the allure of white sand beaches, blue holes and stunning sunsets wasn't enough, we're sharing 24 photos to convince you to go!

Lonnoc Beach, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Lonnoc Beach on Espiritu Santo has everything you expect from a paradise island: stunning clear water, bright white sand and not another soul in sight.

Blue Holes!

If you love wild swimming, then the blue holes in Vanuatu have your name on them. They are little jungle oases and the best way to cool down in the heat of the day.

Riri Blue Hole

Riri Blue Hole

Mateviulu Blue Hole

Matevulu Blue Hole

The Kayak to Nanda Blue Hole

A local at Nanda Blue Hole


Tropical Sunsets

Nothing beats chilling at sunset with a palm tree silhouette as the sun goes down. On our trip to Vanuatu this became a daily occurrence.

Sunset at Port Vila, Vanuatu


Port Orly, Espíritu Santo, Vanuatu

The beautiful village of Port Orly is the best place to go when all that exploring has worked up your appetite. There's a restaurant that serves freshly caught fish and serves it up on tables right on the beach.

Add in electric blue water and clear skies and you'll struggle to summon the will to leave.


Champagne Beach, Espiritu Santo

It's no small statement to say that Champagne Beach may be one of the five most beautiful beaches we've ever seen. The water here was so still, perfect for swimming, and the pure white sand beach had a backdrop of wild jungle. We even saw sting rays without wearing a snorkel!

And - you guessed it - no one else here!


Island Life

As soon as you land, the pace slows. At first this can be frustrating as it takes a while to get anything done. However, it doesn't take long to go with the flow and love the pace of life on the islands.

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