Instagrammable spots in the Outback, Australia

The Outback offers so many incredible opportunities to get the perfect shot. Epic sunsets, beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife and bucket list experiences a plenty make this one of the best destinations on earth for travellers and photographers.  

So here's our tips for the best Instagrammable spots in The Outback.


1. Sunsets at Uluru, Uluru Lookout in Yulara

So technically speaking this lookout is meant to be about admiring Uluru, but if you turn around you will be just as astounded by the views to Kata Tjuta too. This spot was so incredible we went there every day of our time in Yulara. It was beautiful in the day time, and for star gazing, but at sunset it was truly magical.

2. Base walk at Uluru

This huge monolith looks beautiful from every angle, and if you take the base walk you'll get to see the whole thing. It's an easy 10km track.

The first shot is taken from the car park so if you're not a fan of walking you can try this one. The other shot is on the second half of the base walk, people really give some scale to this ginormous rock.

Top tip: Watch out for the areas where you aren't allowed to take photos, they are all signed and ensures you won't be disrespecting the indigenous community's wishes. 


3. Sunrise at Uluru - from the "sunset view platform"

If you really want to see the Outback at it's best, then sunrise at Uluru is it. The rising sun changes the colour of the rock and lights it up from behind which reveals its true magnificence. You see it go from orange to a deep red, perfect for photographs. 


4. Valley of the winds, Kata-Tjuta

The Valley of the winds walk at Kata-Tjuta is arguably better than the base walk at Uluru, with a more diverse landscape and places to explore. There's so many amazing angles here to shoot. The trail closes early on hot days, so if you want to do this walk, go early.

There is a nice lookout early on but our favourite was the latter part of the walk when you are walking through the Olgas themselves. 


5. Sunset at Sounds of Silence

This one is a bit of a splurge but worth every dollar. Your first opportunity for a great shot is the sunset viewing spot, if you don't mind being a bit cheesy you can do the classic holding the champagne glass in front of the rock shot.

Our favourite though was just as you arrive at the dining area before everyone sits down, it's hard to believe you're in the middle of a desert as the tables are done so beautifully, covered in candles. 

If you get a clear night it's also a wonderful place to see the milky way and try some astro photography. 

6. Kings Canyon Rim Walk 

This is one very instagrammable walk! There are dozens of places to take some magnificent shots but our favourite was this cliff edge in the early part of the walk, not long after you climb the initial stairs.

If you're a vertigo sufferer there are heaps of other options for truly majestic shots on this walk so you won't be missing out. 


7. Ormiston Gorge 

Don't miss this sensational waterhole. It's one of our favourites in all the NT. If you're staying at Glen Helen you can grab one of their tractor tyres, or take your own float.

Drifting through the gorge makes for some amazing photographs and means you can stay in the water for ages too, otherwise even in Summer it is pretty freezing! 


8. Tubing at Glen Helen

Grab yourself an old tractor tyre and head on down to the water hole at Glen Helen gorge. The setting is majestic and it's a wonderful place to while away the afternoon. 


9. Kangaroo Sanctuary

So many opportunities here for some cracking instagram shots. My most popular photo of all time was holding the baby joey in her little pillow case.

The huge, well built males also make for terrific shots and all tours take place at sunset so the scenery in itself with the mob grazing is incredibly photogenic. Caution: you will want to adopt the joeys, they are adorable! 

10. Ellery Big Creek

This is a great spot to head to at twilight, we've been a few times and the light is captivating. There's just something about this spot. Another option if your itinerary requires a day time visit would be a swimming or tubing shot.

Just like Glen Helen it is a marvellous place for a dip. 


11. Mount Sonder Lookout at Sunset

Just five minutes down the road from one of our favourite accommodation options in Australia (Glen Helen Homestead) is this lovely little lookout.

There was no one else there when we went for sunset and it was pretty special watching the sun drop behind the mountain range. It's also a great spot for star gazing and astro photography. 


12. Trephina Gorge

This just happens to be one of our favourite walks in the outback too. To find this highly instagrammable ledge take the Trephina Gorge walk and once you've made the initial climb to the top you will find this spot really quickly. 

13. Ross Highway

To be fair all roads in the outback are pretty photogenic but we particularly liked this one. It's great for drone shots but also works well with people walking along the road too. 


14. Outback baths at Kings Canyon Resort

I saw a photograph of this bath and just knew I had to stay too. You look right out on to the desert scrub and it doesn't get much better than that. 

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