Instagrammable spots in Tasmania

Tasmania has got it all; epic views, white sand beaches and stunning wilderness, so it didn't come as a shock that many of the Apple Island's top spots are becoming big hits on Instagram.

Before we visited, we had an extensive list of places we were hoping to photograph in Tasmania, and although it was a pretty hectic schedule, we managed to fit most in! So here's our guide to the must-see Instagram spots in Tasmania.


1. Wineglass Bay Lookout

Picture perfect Wineglass Bay is a national treasure and a must on anyone's Tasmanian itinerary.

We'd heard a lot about the epic view of the bay from Mount Amos which we sadly didn't manage to climb this visit, and much less about the more famous Wineglass bay lookout.

It was a beautiful spot and if you visit early, wonderfully peaceful. 

The trail to the lookout is all uphill, but is well maintained and only took 20 minutes. There's a few different spots from the platform to get that iconic photo and we decided to visit at sunrise to avoid the crowds. As you can see it wasn't the epic sunrise we were hoping for but it was still a magnificent view. 

Getting there: The trail to Wineglass Bay Lookout is just a short drive from Coles Bay. We visited from Bicheno, 45 minutes away as this had much cheaper accommodation than Coles Bay.

Top tip: It's best to get there early. Not only does the lookout get busy, but parking spots are at a premium.



2. Wineglass Bay

You've seen it from the lookout, so you know how beautiful it is, now it's time to hike down to the beach and get that white sand between your toes.

Wineglass Bay is even better close up and after a short largely paved walk down from the lookout you'll see the spectacular scene open up in front of you.

The beach goes on for an eternity and we loved chilling there and admiring the electric blue sea and white sand, fringed by a dominating mountain. You can see why it's a favourite on Instagram.

Getting there: Wineglass Bay has no road access, so the only way to visit is to walk from Wineglass Bay Lookout (40 mins each way), Hazards Beach or take a boat trip.

Top tip: Give yourself enough time to take in the scene as you notice more the longer you spend. It's also such a big beach that you can go to at any time of day and have space to yourself.


3. Wombats on Maria Island

When we arrived on Maria Island, we asked the Ranger "Where's the best place to see wombats here?" The look on her face was priceless as she said "Everywhere. I guarantee, you just need to step out of your room and you'll see one".

This kind of statement for an endangered animal is rare, but it's true: there are wombats EVERYWHERE!

When the temperature drops at the end of the day, you'll find gorgeous and placid wombats all over the island. They don't mind you getting up close to get a great shot (obviously respect this animal's space and never touch them).

Getting there: The only way to Maria Island is by ferry from the nearby town of Triabunna. Tickets cost $50 per adult return.

Top Tip: If you want to stay at the penitentary, book early. Rooms sell quickly and you can book them up to six months in advance. Also, do the Bishop & Clerk hike, it's a great walk that offers epic views.



4. Bay of Fires

Until Instagram, I'm sure the Bay of Fires was primarily known for its stunning white beaches and crystal clear water. The whole area is beautiful and it's the perfect place to be on a hot day.

Fast forward to today and now it's the lichen covered orange rocks and lonely trees that have become a major attraction.

Getting there: The Bay of Fires is 1.5 hours away from Launceston and is best accessed by car.

Top Tip: Bay of Fires is an amazing sunrise spot. Sadly it was storming for us at this time, but if you get the chance and the weather head there early.

5. Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls is one of those spots where you can spend hours just sitting and staring. The multiple cascades are mesmerising and we loved exploring the whole area as the light turned golden at the end of the day.

It can get pretty crowded, so it's best to go at the beginning or end of the day when the light is perfect and you won't feel uncomfortable taking your long exposures in front of a mass of people.

Getting there: The only way to get to Liffey Falls is to drive, and it's about an hour from Launceston. The nearest town is Deloraine.

Top Tip: Make sure you drive via the Great Lakes Highway. This way you'll only drive down 4km of gravel road (instead of 14km) and you'll be at the car park near the falls (as opposed to the one that's a 1.5 hour walk away).



6. Bridestowe Lavender Estate

The Bridestowe Lavender Farm is so popular that they charge for entry ($10)! Despite being wildly popular, it's big enough that you can definitely take photos without lots of people in it. 

The lavender doesn't stop at the fields, it's also in most of the food and drink on the menu. Lavender scones anyone?

The stunning lavender fields are set among a backdrop of gum trees and mountains. The rows of lavender seem to stretch for miles and help create some really interesting leading lines.

Getting there: Bridestowe is a 45 minute drive from Launceston.

Top Tip: The best time to visit is in either December or January when the lavender is in full bloom but not harvested. This will ensure your shots have a brilliant burst of purple.



7. Pumphouse Point

The Pumphouse is possibly our favourite hotel in Tasmania and one look at the location and you'll easily see why. It's not just the beautiful architecture, but the stunning isolation in one of Tasmania's great national parks.

It's a place that looks good from every angle and you'll find your SD card has a thousand different shots. We wish we'd had a drone on our visit.

Getting there: Pumphouse Point is directly between Launceston and Hobart, taking 2.5 hours to drive from either.

Top Tip: If you're staying at the hotel, have one of their amazing communal dinners. We weren't so sure about it at first, but within a couple of minutes we were eating amazing local food and talking to some really interesting people from all over the world.



8. Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

If you were to ask us where was the most Instagrammed spot in the whole of Tasmania, I'd guess that it was the hut on Dove Lake. The view is incredible as you look across the lake to the summit of Cradle Mountain looming in the distance.

You'll need to be lucky with the weather though as the summit can often be covered in cloud!

Getting there: Cradle Mountain is a two hour drive from Launceston. Once at the main car park, you'll need to get a short shuttle bus to Dove Lake as the car park is small and fills up quickly.

Top Tip: Add on the hike round Dove Lake to get more angles. It's one of the great short walks of Tasmania.



9. Marion's Lookout, Cradle Mountain

The climb up to Marion's Lookout is a lot of fun with a chain to help you up the steeper sections, and once up there you'll be given one of the best views in Tassie.

There's plenty of spots to achieve that cliff edge effect and our favourite was looking down on Dove Lake below. Apologies for the tights and shorts combo, that's what happens when you grab what you think are leggings at 5am and later realise they are not...

Getting there: Cradle Mountain is a two hour drive from Launceston. Once there, you'll need to get a shuttle bus to Ronny's Creek car park and hike up to Marions Lookout.

Top Tip: Hang around to see the hundreds of wombats round Ronny's Creek. So long as it's not too warm, they'll be out at any time of day.



10. Coles Bay

This view from Coles Bay was one of those places we unexpectedly stumbled upon. Driving around the area at sunset looking for an ideal spot, we pulled over at random and discovered this view. After later scouting the area further we think this is one. of the best spots.

It's a great place to be as the sun sets and the rocks in the foreground make for an interesting composition. 

Getting there: Coles Bay is in the heart of Freycinet National Park, and is 2.5 hours from Hobart and 2 hours from Launceston.

Top Tip: Keep an eye out for wildlife when around Coles Bay. We saw quite a few wallabies and (we think) a Long-Nosed Poteroo. We also saw a squashed tassie devil which was heartbreaking, best to drive very slowly.



11. The Neck, Bruny Island

If there's a must do on Bruny Island, then the lookout from the Neck is it. Hit the steps for this incredible view of the isthmus connecting north and south Bruny Island.

As it faces south, you can go to the Neck at any time of day without having to worry about shooting into the sun.

Getting There: The Neck is best accessed by car. To get to Bruny Island, drive to Kettering and catch the ferry.

Top Tip: The ferry to Bruny can get incredibly busy on the weekend, so either go early or late (we spent an hour and a half queueing). Also, if you're staying overnight on Bruny, either book a table at the pub (or the wine bar and grill if it is a Saturday night) or bring food. The supermarkets close fairly early and the pub gets fully booked in advance.


12. Walls of Jerusalem

We've written plenty about the Walls of Jerusalem (check out our blog devoted to it), and we thought the whole track was instagram heaven.

So take a hike up and see what all the fuss is all about!

Getting There: The Walls of Jerusalem isn't the easiest of places to get to. It requires at least an hour's drive to the car park from the nearest town, followed by a 7km hike (to the view in the photo and 10km to the Walls themselves) that's pretty steep! The effort is worth it.

Top Tip: Camp at the Walls for an epic experience. Check out the weather though as it was 2C in the height of summer when we visited!

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