11 lookouts in the Blue Mountains that will blow you away

Not all views are created equal and if you don't have long in the mountains then you probably you want to make sure you see the best ones. If you don't have time on your hands and are looking for some accessible spots to get a great feel for the area then check out our recommends.

If you have more time and are planning on hiking then check out our post on NSW walking tracks for a few of our mountain favourites. You do need a car to visit the majority of these look outs, and with wheels you can see a lot even with little time as the distances between each are short. 

For a full run down of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains read this.

The most beautiful lookouts in the Blue Mountains 

The mountain lookouts never fail to take our breath away. Here's our list of the best ones to check out on your visit.

Lincoln Rock

This is definitely our favourite of all the lookouts on this list. The views are absolutely breathtaking, especially if you come at sunset.

It's a huge escarpment so even if you come on a busy evening there is so much space to sit and take it all in. It's only a two minute walk from the car park, how can a view this good require no effort whatsoever?! 

Getting there: Lincoln Rock is not far from Wentworth Falls. Take the turnoff for Tableland Road from the main highway (A32), then turning into Hordern Road. On Little Switzerland Road (a dirt track) there will be plenty of cars parked up and you'll know you are there.


Pulpit Rock

Until we visited Lincoln Rock this was our favourite, it is absolutely epic. You can visit on the 3km each way Pulpit Rock walking track or there is a car park from which it is just a 10 minute walk.

There are several levels, but the best is definitely the one you see in this picture, as you feel like you are fully immersed in the mountains. It does involve a few stairs but there are handrails the whole way. 

If you want to take photos of someone on the bottom level lookout make sure they wear bright colours to stand out!


Getting there: Luckily, the road to Pulpit Road is sealed for the majority of the way. There is a small amount that is dirt track but our tiny Kia managed it fine. It is a short drive from Blackheath. From the car park is a 10 minute walk down several stairs (most are different sizes and depths).



Three Sisters, Echo Point

This is the most famous lookout in the Blue Mountains and really a must do on any trip. Lovely at sunrise and sunset, if you can choose either go for sunrise. 

You can even visit at night as it is lit up, no one else was around on our visit and we watched the bats swoop in and out of the valley.

Getting there: Echo Point is the main attraction in Katoomba and is well signposted. You can park here for a fee or even walk from the centre of town in around 15 minutes.



Govetts Leap

This is a fabulous spot to come and sunrise and you will only share it with the odd photographer, later in the day it is a very busy view point.

Bring warm clothes though, it is cold even in summer in the early morning.

You can drive right up to this lookout, or plenty of the walking tracks bring you past here. 

Getting there: Govett's Leap Lookout is a couple of steps from the car park and a short drive from Blackheath. It is one of the most accessible lookouts in the Blue Mountains.



Wentworth Falls 

This is another lookout you can drive right up to.

The view is beautiful any time of day, even with the smoke from the bush fire you can see in this photo. 

Getting there: Wentworth Falls lookout is a 2 minute walk from the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area Car Park. The car park is heaving during the day time, come early to avoid the crowds. 



Evans Lookout

Evans Lookout is popular for good reason, and is also the start or finish of many walking tracks so it gets busy. It's another good sunrise point.

You can drive right up to it and there is plenty of space to sit down and take it all in.

Getting there: Evans Lookout is on the road between Katoomba and Blackheath. It is down a long road with a decent sized car park at the end.



Sublime Point Lookout

This is another beautiful spot to come at sunset. The platform is a lot smaller than at most of the other lookouts though, so if it is a busy evening it can feel a little crowded.

It's still a beautiful spot to watch the sun slowly sink behind the mountains though. 

Getting there: Sublime Point is in Leura, down the aptly named "Sublime Point Road". It is a short walk (five minutes) from the car park to the lookout.



Olympian rock

Olympian Rock is a less popular lookout and offers a great view out to Mount Solitary and the back of the Three Sisters.

We visited in the middle of the day on a Saturday and there wasn't another soul in sight. 

Getting there: The Olympian Rock Lookout is along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and is very close to Leura. It is just a short walk from the nearby road shown in the map below. 



Baltzer Lookout - Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock requires the most effort of the all the lookouts, but it really is worth it. It's a fabulous spot to be at sunrise but if you don't fancy walking in the dark then sunset is also good (just leave a little before the sun actually sets to get back in the light). 

The walking track is 11.3km return from the car park (you used to be able to drive a little closer but that car park is not open any more). The walk is fairly flat and easy right up until you get very close to the lookout.

The path then descends steeply on uneven terrain towards the lookout. It would be very easy to slip so watch your step, and take poles if you are unsteady on your feet. It really is sublime though so don't be put off!

Getting there: The car park is a 10 minute drive from Blackheath.



Lockley's Pylon

Lockley's Pylon is a beautiful lookout, and is very quiet even in the middle of the day.

We actually liked the view just before the little hill up to the summit (pictured above).

The walk is 7km return on very pretty track. 

Getting there:  Getting to Lockley's Pylon is an adventure in itself. The road to the car park is unsealed, rough and not for a two wheel drive (although you can give it a go, but it isn't pleasant). It is around 30 minutes drive from Katoomba. 



Castle Head Rock

This is another quiet lookout, and you will hardly believe your luck when you get this view all to yourself. There is another less precarious ledge than the one in the photograph above that you could easily spend hours admiring the view, or having a picnic. 

It is a 4.2km return walk from the car park, and is fairly flat and easy going. The actual Castle Head Lookout is just after the one in our photograph but we liked the first lookout even more. You will come across it on your left just before the final narrow section of track to Castle Head. 

Getting there: The car park is very close to the Golden Staircase and the last few kilometres are unsealed. Doable in a small car but not the most comfortable ride. It is around 15 minutes drive from Katoomba. 



Further afield, but worth it

Kanangra-Boyd: Plateau Walk Lookout

This is not the easiest place to get to but you will definitely be highly rewarded. The lookout is phenomenal. It is only around 20 minutes walk on an easy track from the car park.

You will first come to the Kanangra Walls Lookout which is also fabulous. But if you've come all this way then you will want to do the best one, so carry on down to the Plateau Walk. Magnificent any time of day but particularly glorious at sunset. 

Getting there: Getting to Kanangra-Boyd is a rough trip, so we'd advise taking a 4x4. The road to the walls is a pot-holed dirt track that goes on for over 30 kilometres. The first time we visited in a small car we popped the tyre. It will take around two hours from Katoomba. From the car park it is a 20 minute walk to this amazing lookout.


Car Rental

The only way to get to the majority of these lookouts is by car. The good news is that car hire isn’t too expensive and fuel is cheap in Sydney (about $1 USD a litre). Once you’re out of the CBD the driving is dead easy and the Blue Mountains has ample free parking.

So why not make it a road trip and get a quote with RentalCars.com below.

Where to stay in the Blue Mountains

Hostel with private rooms - Katoomba YHA

I love this hostel, it's the first place I stayed in the mountains and I've been back many times. I've only stayed in private rooms so I can't comment on the dorms but I found the rooms to be really good, very clean and with a kettle for tea and coffee. The shared bathrooms are always spotless and I've never had to wait in a line. It also has several lounges, the best one has a large fireplace and is a good spot to curl up with a book or play cards. You can also use the large kitchen. 


High-end - Fairmont Resort

My favourite part of the Fairmont is actually the lobby, it's really atmospheric, with a huge picture window looking out on to the mountains. I liked the old fashioned pictures behind the reception desk so much that when I saw them in a shop in town I had to buy one! The rooms are really nice, clean and modern. Ours didn't have a view which is probably why I liked the lobby best. It's a great high end choice and has walking trails directly from the garden which we really enjoyed. 


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