13 things to do in the stunning Kangaroo Island that will blow you away

Getting to Kangaroo Island is about to get a lot easier with Qantas launching direct flights from  Melbourne. It's one of our favourite places in Australia, so best get there before the crowds turn up!

The best things to do in Kangaroo Island

1. Find one of the many kangaroos

It's called Kangaroo Island for a reason and it's not hard to find this Aussie icon. They look slightly different to a lot of the roos on the mainland, with darker fur.


2. Swim in Paradise at Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay is stunning and it's unlikely you'll have to share it (even during peak season). The sea has so many different shades of blue and the sand is as white as it gets. 

It made our list of the top ten beaches in Australia (which is impressive with the incredible beaches this country has).



3. Wine and dine with a view like this

Even the bistro's have sea views on Kangaroo Island! We recommend stopping by Sunset Food and Wine for some lunch and a glass of sparkling red. 


4. Find a wild koala - it's one of the best places in the world to see one

18 koalas were introduced to Kangaroo Island in 1920s to attempt to increase their overall numbers. Now there's over 13,000 and it's one of the best places to see a koala in the wild.

The best spots are around Hanson Bay or in Flinders Chase National Park (we saw a few on the heritage walk that goes from the Visitor's Centre).



5. Disconnect at the stunning Hanson Bay

As there's very little development, Kangaroo Island is the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world. In huge parts of the island there is little phone signal, meaning you can get away from emails, breaking news and any distractions from the outside world. Bliss.

6. Enjoy the epic road at Flinders Chase

You're more likely to find wildlife than cars on the road as there are so few people here. It's road trip paradise.

Our favourite (pictured below) is in Flinders Chase National Park and is on the way to Cape Du Coerdic. You can find it on the map below.


7. See rare Australian Sea Lions at Seal Bay

One of the best things to do on Kangaroo Island is getting up close to the Australian Sea Lions at Seal Bay. They're happy to share their beach with you, for a little while anyway! 

You can take the boardwalk ($16 AUD) or go on the beach and get up close on a guided tour ($35 AUD). 


8. Snorkel in water like this - the pier at Vivonne Bay

Yep, you've really got to go to Vivonne Bay! There are not many places we've ever been to anywhere in the world with electric blue water quite like this. 

This was just off the pier and we were completely mesmerised!

9. Surf the huge dunes at Little Sahara

We wouldn't advise going face first like these guys though! Just by the gorgeous Vivonne Bay are the huge sand dunes of the Little Sahara. They appear out of nowhere and are very popular for sand boarding.

You can walk around and check out the views from the top for free, but you'll feel the effort in your legs after! It costs $37 AUD for an hour of sand boarding (with a second hour free) If standing up seems a little too exhilarating, then you can hire a toboggan for the same price.


10. Kick back at one of our favourite places to stay in Australia

Hanson Bay is one our favourite hotels in Australia, offering similar views to the ultra exclusive  Southern Ocean Lodge (one of the best hotels in Australia) for a fraction of the cost. The modern cabins have 5 star views of the nearby Hanson Bay (a stunning stretch of coastline) from the bedroom and lounge window.

The worst thing about the cabins are that they're so good, you'll struggle to leave. They have a full kitchen which is great as there aren't any restaurants nearby. 


11. Take in the views from Cape Du Coerdic

This is the view of the stunning Weir's Cove. You can reach the look out by a path from the lighthouse at Cape Du Coeurdic.

It’s a pretty incredible spot and not the only one like it on Kangaroo Island!


12. Explore the aptly named "Remarkable Rocks"

Australia has a knack of literal place names (there's plenty of "White Beaches" across the country) and Remarkable Rocks is another. Supposedly 500 million years of rain eroded these boulders to the shapes they are today and it's interesting to have a look around and take in the view.

It's not far from Cape Du Coeourdic and Admiral's Arch, so you can combine all of these in one day.


13. Check out Admiral's Arch and the New Zealand Fur Seals

Admiral's Arch is a relatively interesting place to visit, but it's made more interesting by the colony of New Zealand fur seals that live here. We spent a long time watching them ride the waves as well as just chilling on the rocks.

The best views are from the top, but you can also go to the arch and check out the ones who chill around the rocks.


How to get to Kangaroo Island

The Kangaroo Island Ferry

There are two ways to get to Kangaroo Island. The slowest is by ferry from Cape Jervis. This is 1.5 hours from Adelaide and enables you to take your own car to the island. The ferry takes 45 minutes to get to Kangaroo Island and docks at Penneshaw on the eastern side of the island.

It costs $98 AUD per vehicle with an additional $49 AUD per passenger, per way. Currently Sea Link are the only company running a ferry to Kangaroo Island.

Check with your car hire about the insurance before choosing the ferry as some companies won't cover your car on Kangaroo Island.


By Air

The only airport on Kangaroo Island is Kingscote and it's pretty small! The most regular services are operated by Regional Express (REX) from Adelaide. They have between two - three flights per day depending on whether it is peak season or not.

Qantas also offer direct flights from Melbourne, but not as regularly.


Car Hire

The main car hire company on Kangaroo Island is Hertz. You can rent one at Kingscote airport. Alternatively, you can book one in Adelaide and then drive onto Kangaroo Island with the ferry (check with the car hire company about insurance before as not all companies allow you to take a car to Kangaroo Island).

Check below for a quote. 

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