Aguinid Falls, Cebu: Climbing up an epic five level waterfall

Chances are if you’re thinking about a trip to Cebu you’re thinking about waterfalls, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. But if you fancy something a little different, Aguinid Falls could be just what you are looking for. This is a bit more of an adventurous trail which requires climbing up a five tier waterfall! Aguinid Falls is a great combination of being an adventure, but not the kind that requires harnesses and helmets. It is one of the best Cebu waterfalls to explore.

Aguinid Falls is a walk that most people can do, especially with the help of the mandatory guides. There is one slightly fiddly section which did set off my fear of falling but to be honest no one else seemed to struggle. We’ve made a video below to help you get a better idea of what the trail is actually like.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting to the top of Aguinid Falls.

Aguinid Falls, Cebu

Aguinid Falls has five levels to explore and the guides have branded each one to make it seem like more of an adventure. You’ll start with a quick talk from the guides, there is a minimum of two guides per group even if there are only two of you. Th whole walk is actually really short, breaking it down into five levels makes it seem a lot longer than it is. You could actually walk the only thing in around 20 minutes if you didn’t stop to swim or take loads of photos.

We’ve put together a video of our GoPro footage from the walk that will give a glimpse of what you’re in for! We’ll also detail what the walk is like below.

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Level 1

The first level at Aguinid is pretty simple. There’s a nice big pool to swim in by a small waterfall, but it isn’t deep enough to dive into. You could choose to have a dip here at the beginning or end of the hike (a nice way to finish this walk).

Aguinid Falls First Level

Otherwise the walk at this point is straightforward, just walking up the dry rock to the side of the falls. In fact it will only take you a few minutes

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Level 2 - the hardest part

Level 2 is where things get a bit more adventurous and a bit trickier. This section requires walking up a steep and smooth rock that is in the middle of the waterfall. It looks a lot worse than it actually is!

You’re aided by a rope (that is about the height of your knees, so not all that helpful) and foothills that have been cut into the rock (which are a lot more useful). Getting your footing isn’t too bad as the rock isn’t slippery and as long as you have shoes you’ll be ok.

The tricky part is keeping your balance when you have the waterfall coming at you and a rope for support by your knees! A lot of people will find this completely fine, but those who are a little more cautious will be thankful for a guide at this point. The locals seem to be able to climb on anything with ease and can help navigate this section. This is the part where I felt like I lost my footing half way up and thought I was falling which did freak me out a bit. On the way back down I decided to go on my bum, which was a lot easier for me but I wouldn’t really recommend it as despite the rock being really smooth it completely shredded my shorts 😂

I made it though so I’d say that means most people can do it. Joe had absolutely no problem at all as you will see in the video!

Just take it slow and you’ll be fine!

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Level 3

The third level looks like jungle paradise as the huge waterfall is replaced by a milky blue river section, covered in palms and greenery. The walk is mainly through shallow pools and then up a little more rock which again is not slippery. There is also a point at which there is a great place to have a shower in the waterfall if you aren’t wet enough already!

It is probably the best water pressure from a shower you’ll find in Cebu!

There’s a steep rock to climb at the side of this section but there are footholds and again most people won’t even bat an eyelid, I was still on edge after my little slip but made it ok when the guide showed me where to put my feet.

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Level 4 - for the jumpers

The fourth level is the only section the cliff divers can show off their skills.

Here the pool is deep enough to take a dive and have a swim! Other than that, most people have their first glimpse of the top and go straight past this section.

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Level 5 - the top

The top of Aguinid Falls is impressive, but a little anti-climatic. The walk to this point is beautiful, passing several stunning falls and wading through bright blue river. Once you get to the top, the falls are huge, but the water so shallow that all you can do is sit on a rock or in the water and look.

This may have been because of the really dry spell that Cebu had when we were there, but I doubt it will ever be deep enough to have a swim.

Our guides said there were actually additional levels, but they were closed for safety reasons at the moment. Maybe in future you will be able to walk further again.

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Essential info about Aguinid Falls

Entrance Fee for Aguinid Falls

The entry price for Aguinid Falls is just 60 pesos per person (approx US $1.15), but you can only visit the falls if you hire a guide. A minimum of two per group is required even if your group is just two people.

This may seem annoying (many people won’t see the need for a guide) but it does help the local economy and allows 75 locals to earn a living. We chatted quite a lot to our guides and they told us Cebu has very few opportunities for employment, so paying a little money for a guide will go a long way.

The awkward part is that you are given no help as to how much you should pay. We tried to gauge what they were hoping or the standard price, but we were told “it is up to you.” We went with 250 pesos per guide and they seemed quite happy…. We just wish there was a standardised rate so that we were sure we’d paid enough.

If you bring your own motorbike, you’ll have to pay 10 pesos (US 20c) to park.

Gear to bring or hire

Having shoes that can be used in water is essential. If you don’t have your own, you can hire some outside the entrance to the falls for 50 pesos. They had a vast number so shoe size shouldn’t be a problem.

A dry bag is also useful for Aguinid Falls to keep your money, phone and any other essential items. You can buy one at the falls if you don’t have one, but they weren’t the best value.

You can bring a tripod and more if you’re a photographer and want to take long exposures. We took our DSLR in the dry bag, tripod and GoPro, and the guides were happy to take the gear over tricky climbs or parts where the water goes up to your waist.

Aguinid Falls Location

The easiest way to get to Aguinid Falls is with your own scooter. It is a short distance from the main road and down a short dirt track. However, you should be able to hire a tricycle driver or even hop on the bus that goes down the main road to within a short walk of the falls if you prefer.

The first parking area you come to is not the closest to the falls, although still not far away. They will encourage you to pay there but you can drive a little further to the main entrance if you prefer.


Moalboal to Aguinid Falls

Getting to Aguinid from Moaboal is a bit of a journey as it is over 56km away. It will take nearly 1.5 hours by motorbike or tricycle and even longer by bus! The main road is paved but the side road is dirt track, this is the same for Kawasan or Oslob.

Kawasan to Aguinid Falls

Kawasan’s a little closer, but it is still a long journey! Aguinid Falls is 38 km away from Kawasan and will take nearly an hour to drive between the two.

Oslob to Aguinid Falls

Oslob is 22km away from Aguinid Falls and should take about 30 minutes if you have your own transport. If you go by bus, you’ll have to change at Bato.

Packing List for Aguinid Falls



An essential for Aguinid Falls to ensure your camera or phone doesn’t break. This will enable you to capture your adventure up the falls! We’ve always used the Hero5 Black as it shoots 12 megapixel photos and 4k video.

Reef Shoes


A pair of reef shoes will be handy for Aguinid to climb all the way up. You could hire some of the nasty shoes out the front or buy a pair before you go (which will also be useful at other waterfalls in Cebu such as Dao).

Reefsafe Sunscreen


Sun screen is essential in the Philippines, but bringing some that won’t damage the environment is as well.

Dry Bag


Another thing we made sure we took to every waterfall. A good dry bag will mean you can take your money, phone and camera to Aguinid without water damage.

Where to stay near Aguinid Falls

Fantasy Lodge - Samboan

If you don’t fancy the 1.5 hour drive from Moalboal, then head to Fantasy Lodge to stay. This accommodation is a great option and is only 1km away from Aguinid Falls, meaning you’ll spend a lot less time on the bike!

You’ll also be closer to places such as Binalayan Hidden Falls (2.5km, 3 mins) and Dao Falls (8km, 15 mins).

Fantasy Lodge is a quiet guesthouse with epic ocean views and comfortable rooms. The beds here are perfect for resting up after a long day exploring and there’s a restaurant on site so you won’t have to go far for food.

The only downside is that the rooms are right next to the restaurant, meaning you’ll hear the conversations from any of the early risers!

We wanted to stay a few nights and could only get a booking for one night so our best advice is don’t leave it until the last minute! Another thing to note is that they don’t have enough scooters for all the rooms if everyone wants to rent one so if you think you will need one then reserve in advance. If not they will be able to get you a motorbike with gears which we took but didn’t enjoy riding so much.

Watersport Beach Resort, Santander

We also stayed here which was a bit further from the falls but nowhere near as far as Moalboal or Oslob. It was 15km and around 20 minutes drive from Aguinid Falls. The rooms were comfortable and clean and the shower was good. It also had a decent wifi which made a nice change. It was also the quietest of all the places we stayed in Cebu.

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