Where to stay in Coron - the top hotels for every budget

In photos, Coron looks like true paradise: blue skies, turquoise seas, white sand and stunning limestone cliffs and we can tell you that it definitely lives up to the hype. However, the town itself might not be quite what you’re imagining. There are technically two Corons - Coron Island and Coron Town (on Busuanga Island). Coron Island is uninhabited, however Coron town is a noisy, messy and run down and a stay here can quickly turn into a holiday nightmare!

That’s why picking where you stay is so important, especially if you want to go island hopping. Coron is a pretty pricey place (especially when compared to the rest of the Philippines and South-East Asia) so your money won’t got very far but you will quickly forget that when out exploring those paradise lagoons and beaches.

Where to stay in Coron

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Where to stay in Coron - Busuanga Island

Staying on Busuanga Island has some major advantages. Island hopping around Coron from here is significantly cheaper as you can haggle with local boat operators rather than have to take the tours that resorts operate. You also have the choice of several restaurants, cafes and minimarkets to get supplies.

The downside is the town itself. If you want to stay on Busuanga, we’d recommend booking a hotel outside of the town centre, this will be a lot quieter.

Here are our picks for Coron Town/Busuanga Island. We stayed in the town but purely for financial reasons, if we had the choice we’d have splurged on one of the quiet islands no question.

Budget: The Yellow House Coron

If you’re on a super tight budget this could be a good pick for you. It’s more like a homestay than a guest house and bathrooms are shared. The rooms are really just a place to lay your head but reviewers say it is immaculately clean.


Mid-range: Charms Hotel

This is where we stayed and whist it wasn’t perfect it was a good choice. Charms balances a good location (just out of town) with comfort. It is overpriced (like everything in Coron), but once you get past that you’ll find it a great place to rest up after a day’s island hopping.

It is a new hotel and the rooms are immaculately clean with air conditioning and hot water. It is a five minute (15 peso) tricylce ride from town, making it easy to get to the loading dock and restaurants in town.


Midrange - The Funny Lion, Coron Town

Almost everyone we met seemed to be staying here and judging by the reviews it looked like they were on to something! We also noticed they were building one in El Nido too so it should be a good choice.

The rooms look good and the views look exceptional. When we tried to check it out it was fully booked so it is one to book early.


Luxury - Bacau Bay Resort

If you fancy a luxury resort stay, but being not too far from the restaurant options and island hopping in Coron town, then Bacau is a great choice. The rooms here are modernly styled and the whole place is pretty new, so the rooms are still in very good condition.

Add in the mangrove views and if looks like a relaxing rural escape.


Luxury - Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel

If you liked the look of the Two Seasons Island Resort, but didn’t like the price tag, then the Bayside Hotel is one worth looking at. This luxury hotel has all the stylish touches of its island cousin, but doesn’t quite have the magical location or incredible bungalow rooms.

However, this is still a beautiful place to stay and a much more affordable choice. It also has nice touches like an infinity pool and great views. It is also a short ride away from Coron Town, so you can be nearby without having the noise.


Where to stay in Coron - Islands around Coron

Welcome to paradise! The islands around Coron are unlike anywhere else in Asia and offer white sand islands and stunning tranquility. You could blissfully stay here for weeks. This is where you’ve been dreaming of when you’ve been thinking about Coron.

The major drawback is that once you’re there, you’re all-in. You have little choice of tours or dining options, so it’s primarily for those with a decent budget.

Luxury - Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa, Bulalacao

This is the place that everyone was talking about in the luxury bracket. The rooms are individual bungalows which look fabulous and the beach and resort views look amazing. This is likely what you’ve been dreaming of when you’ve been thinking about visiting Palawan not the dusty town.

However, one thing to consider is that you are a boat ride and then drive away from the town, this means you will likely be taking all of your boat tours directly from the hotel itself which probably means they will be a lot more expensive than in town. It might be best to check in advance to make sure it doesn’t turn into a very expensive surprise.


Budget (ish) - Sangat Island Resort

Whilst not being the most luxurious of places, Sangat Island Resort makes up for it with a unique location. This beautiful limestone island has mangroves, jungle and incredible dive sites and even hot springs! You come to Sangat to experience tropical bliss and peace away from the bustle of Coron.

It’s an eco-resort, powered by solar and the rooms are environmentally friendly huts. As we said, this isn’t a luxury experience, but the perfect way to feel at one with nature and unwind in truly beautiful surroundings.


Mid-Range - Club Paradise

Club Paradise one of the few resorts north of Busuangua Island and the island is located among some of the best dives sites in Coron. Whilst not as luxurious as Two Seasons, it isn’t as rustic as Sangat, making it a good option for anyone wanting an island stay with a few comforts that won’t break the bank (for Coron!).

This place is a rugged, wild island paradise without anyone else around, so you can live out your desert island dream!


Luxury - Huma Island Resort & Spa

Huma Island is the closest Coron gets to the Maldives in terms of luxury villas that are steps away from the ocean!

The rooms here look stylish and plush. Each villa has its own sundeck, giving you stunning ocean views. You can dive at the nearby ship wrecks or unwind in the luxury spa, or beautiful beach. You can choose to get a seaplane to the resort, making a grand entrance and checking out the stunning tropical views from above. Heaven.


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