Banyumala Waterfall: our favourite waterfall in Bali

Banyumala Waterfall is our favourite in the whole of Bali, and we visited quite a few! Not only is it huge, wild and beautiful, but it's a waterfall that very few people seem to visit. Even in the middle of the day we had this beautiful place all to ourselves. It easily made our list of amazing things to do around Munduk. 

Here's everything you need to know to visit this must-see place.


Banyumala Waterfall

Just seeing Banyumala Waterfall from the path blows you away, let alone when you get up close and begin to explore. It's called twin waterfalls, but it seemed to be made up of a lot more.

It's too powerful to stand underneath, but there are so many different spots to take it in and enjoy. It's a beautiful spot for a swim on a steamy day. We flew our drone to get a birds-eye view of this spectacular place.  

It takes around 15 minutes to walk there from the car park, the effort versus reward is highly in your favour. The path is mainly stairs cut from the earth and there is often a bamboo pole beside you to help you down. It's not difficult in the dry but could become quite slippery in rain, particularly if you are only wearing flip flops. So worth it though!

Our favourite viewpoint

There is actually another waterfall just a couple of minutes walk from Banyumala, although it is pretty, once you've seen Banyumala it really can't compare. However, walking back along the path gave us the chance to look back and see our favourite view of Banyumala, pictured above. 

From here you can take in the magnificent waterfall with the bamboo bridge just in front. It was our favourite perspective and really made you feel you were somewhere remote in the jungle.

Our favourite of Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala Waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee for Banyumala Waterfall is 20k (around $1.50 USD), but you will probably have to pay for parking as well. This is just 2k (about 20c), a small donation to the local community who happily let you stay at the waterfall as long as you like.

Banyumala Waterfall from Ubud

Banyumala waterfall is just outside Wanagiri, and is a bit of a distance from Ubud. Google Maps says it takes approximately two hours, but this doesn't account for the state of the road down to Banyumala. From the turn off to the falls the road is in a poor state and is made of crumbling paving slabs. It is also pretty narrow, so passing can be difficult. It took us about half an hour (by scooter) to get down the road which is just over 3km long. It would be quicker in a car. 

We'd recommend getting a driver/taxi if you go from Ubud as a day trip, unless you are quite experienced on a scooter. The journey is long and the final road to Banyumala is pretty rough. You can do it by motorbike, but it will be take a long time!

A great stop to break up the journey is another of our favourite waterfalls: Nung Nung.



Banyumala Waterfall from Munduk

If you have the time, we would highly recommend staying in Munduk or Bedugul for a couple of nights as it is a truly beautiful area, and quieter than Ubud or Kuta/Seminyak. Banyumala is around 30 minutes drive from Munduk, depending on how long it takes you to navigate the last crumbling 3km of road. It's a similar distance from Bedugul. 

Best time to visit Banyumala Waterfall

We visited Banyumala waterfall in the early afternoon and had the whole place to ourselves for the majority of the time.

It doesn't seem to get busy and although a couple of people did turn up briefly during our visit, it was just to take a few pictures and then leave. If you came early morning you would probably not see anyone. 

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