The most Instagrammable places in Jordan

With a plethora of out of this world sights, it's no wonder that Jordan is becoming an instagrammers favourite destination. Where else can you float in a sea, traverse a canyon, adventure into a wild desert and see one of the new wonders of the world within 200km? 

Whilst tourist numbers have dropped since the Arab Spring of 2011 and the on going Syrian crisis, travellers are gradually beginning to return to Jordan. With 15 new flight routes set to launch between Europe and Amman this October, now is the time to visit. Check out our guide to the most Instagrammable Spots in Jordan and get there before everybody else does!

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The most Instagrammable places in Jordan

The Citadel, Amman

Amman is a great place to start your trip to Jordan. Heading up to the Citadel gives you a glimpse of one of the incredible structures built by an ancient civilisation in Jordan. This little piece of Roman history is built on one of the tallest hills in the city and was clearly built to show the population that the Romans were in charge.

The ruins of the Citadel are really impressive and the Temple of Hercules is a striking glimpse into what the whole site must have looked like. It also makes a pretty good shot for Instagram :-)

Getting there: The Citadel is up a very steep hill and many of the streets to the top don't have footpaths. We chose to get a taxi from the Amphitheatre which cost about 2 JD ($3.50 USD). We did walk down though which was quick and easy so you could definitely walk both ways. 


The city skyline, Amman

One of the first things you notice in Amman is that the buildings jut out from the side of a steep hill. This means you can get some pretty cool city backdrops for photos if you pick the right place.

Our favourite was from this wall in the Citadel. It has no rails and allows uninterrupted views of the city (and a Jordanian flag for good measure). You can find out more about it in our blog all about visiting the Citadel in Amman.

Getting there: As above. There are multiple walls within the site to get this kind of shot, this one was just past the Temple of Hercules on the right. 



Instagrammable places in the Dead Sea

Wadi Mujib - Siq trail

The stunning Wadi Mujib was one of our favourite adventures in Jordan and we loved exploring this river canyon. A stones throw from the Dead Sea, this Wadi weaves deep into the mountains and soon you find yourself up to your neck in turquoise water!

It was so much fun climbing waterfalls and floating back down stream to the start.

It is also very picturesque with such high red walls and bright blue water. You couldn't pick a better spot for Instagram. 

If you wanted to take on the Siq Trail, check out our blog which takes you through this incredible place in more detail.

Getting there: Wadi Mujib is in the Dead Sea area,  off the Dead Sea Highway. Just look for the activity centre, almost directly opposite the Mujib Chalets



Floating in the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is a really unusual experience and one that is perfect for Instagram. It is a surreal sensation, and also surprisingly easy. In fact, it is almost impossible not to float!  

The best time to get that beautiful light is at sunset where you can also get the setting sun directly in the shot (but it won't blow out the exposure like it would in the middle of the day).

Instagrammable spots in Jordan - Floating in the Dead Sea

Getting there: It is best to head to one of the resorts to take a dip in the Dead Sea. There is a public beach, but otherwise you'll be faced with incredibly steep cliffs and find it hard to get in! You can check out our guide to the Dead Sea for all the must do things in the area - hint, it's more than just floating! 

Instagrammable places in Petra

The Siq at Petra

Walking along the 1.2km long Siq (canyon) on the way to The Treasury is a magical way to be introduced to this ancient city. The Siq would be a tourist attraction in its own right in many places, but what makes it even more special is the teasing glimpse it gives of The Treasury at the very end.

Instagrammable Jordan - the Siq at The Treasury

Historians believe that the Nabateans (the creators of many of the buildings at Petra) chose the location of the Treasury for the impact it would have and it still has this effect today. 

Make sure you go early (sunrise is best) and hold back once you get a tiny glimpse of this wonder of the world. It makes for a great shot and is just one of the ways to avoid the crowds in Petra.

The Treasury, Petra

There are a few places to take in the Treasury, but one of our favourites is the little ledge to the right of the Siq entrance. From here you can get a really interesting view of this iconic structure complete with a nice and relaxing seat to take it all in!

As Petra can get busy, it is best to head here either at sunrise or just before closing. During the middle of the day the view can be full of camels, donkeys and tourists!

Instagrammable spots in Jordan - The ledge by the Treasury, Petra

Getting there: The ledge is just to the right as you walk to the Treasury through the Siq. Getting to the Treasury from the Visitors Centre is approximately 1.2km and takes nearly 30 minutes.


The Treasury from above

Having taken in the Treasury from the ground, why not head up high to see it from above? There are a few pretty precarious parts to the path but once you're up there the view is amazing. There's a great ledge to sit and enjoy the view. You will likely need a guide for this one, it's only around 10-15 minutes up but you wouldn't really know where to look on your own. 

If you want to be even more daring, then you can climb above the shop and take a shot looking downwards. Just remember to pay the shop owner 1 JD for your visit if you don't want to buy anything from the shop. We saw quite a few people trying to get out of this, but it seemed fair enough to us as it seemed to be their land. We wish they didn't ask for it so aggressively though. In general the people in Jordan are the loveliest you could hope for but when you get to Petra things get a bit pushy. 

Getting there: It is best to pay a local to help you up to this spot. Not only is it very difficult to find on your own, it is helpful to have someone help you climb up. The guides will find you before you find them, there are many milling around the Treasury area. 

Tip: When you are quoted a guide price ask if that is to get down too, otherwise they just leave you at the top. You could probably find your way down ok but if you want to be guided both ways bear this in mind. 


Petra By Night

Petra by night is a unmissable thing to do when visiting Jordan. At 8.30pm, three times a week, you can experience all 1.2km of the Siq and the Treasury lit by candlelight. Once there you'll hear traditional music and bedouin stories in one of the most atmospheric spots in the world. 

Instagrammable Jordan - Petra By Night

It really is an experience worth staying for. Just make sure you plan your trip to coincide with a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Bring your tripod along as it is really dark and impossible to take a good shot hand held. Check out these photography tips for getting that perfect Petra by Night shot

The Monastery, Petra

The Monastery is one of the highights of any trip to Petra, but requires an effort to get to! Once there, you'll find there is barely anyone else with you, no matter what time of day.

There is a really good viewpoint to take in not just the Monastery but the whole landscape. It shows just how incredible this ancient city is. To get to this spot walk away from the Monastery up the hill (with the shop on top!). 

Getting there: There are two ways to the Monastery: via the Treasury (a lengthy, walk that takes over 1.5 hours each way from the Visitors Centre with a killer hill at the end) or the Little Petra to Petra Walk. This is also uphill, but not as steep as from the Treasury. The Little Petra to Petra Walk also means you don't have to walk back the same way you came in. We highly recommend this often overlooked walk!


The High Place of Sacrifice

There's no bigger view or better place to be at sunset in the whole of Petra than the High Place of Sacrifice. Thankfully there are no more sacrifices up here anymore, but you can see by the sheer views why the Nabateans chose this place for such ceremonies. 

Getting there - The path to High Place of Sacrifice is about 100 metres after the Treasury and by the "Why Not Cafe". From here it is a lot of steps (we heard it's around 700) up hill and to the right to get to the High Place of Sacrifice. Once you reach the sacrificial place (it's a spot with carvings in the ground), continue onwards and down the steps to a little shop with a sign that says "Best view in Petra". After this is our favourite viewpoint.

It takes about 30 minutes and going at the end of the day not only means you have the glorious sunset colours, but a lot cooler temperature to walk in.



Instagrammable places in Wadi Rum

Little Rock Bridge, Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is one of those places that is stunning at every turn. It is home to some huge mountains and multi-coloured sand, making sunrise the best time to climb onto a rock and take in the view. It is also the coolest time of day to explore.

We chose the Little Rock Bridge to combine an epic view east and the cool natural structure of the rock bridge. You can also check out our guide to the best ways to experience Wadi Rum and avoid some of the mistakes we made.

Getting there: Wadi Rum is just an hour from Aqaba, one and a half hours from Petra and just under four hours from Amman.


Sunset in Wadi Rum

The sunsets in Wadi Rum are just as good as the sunrises, but you'll be feeling the heat a bit more than you do at the start of the day! After a long day exploring the dunes, canyons and rock formations, take in the view of the sun slowly sinking behind the far away mountains. 

There are multiple rock piles like this one that are great for taking in the sunset. Any guide will be able to factor this into your trip if you ask specifically to watch a sunset. 


Instagrammable places in Dana Biosphere Reserve & Feynan

Dana Village

The village of Dana just looks epic from the moment you first see it. As soon as you wind down the road from the mountain top, you see this incredible sandstone village that looks like it was built in biblical times, perched right on the side of a canyon.

It is the perfect start to a trip to Dana Biosphere Reserve and there's plenty of great views. The best time to shoot is an hour before sunset when the light is perfect and you can still make out the canyon clearly. 

Instagrammable Jordan - Dana Village

This spot from the road just past the turn off down into Dana village. 

Getting there: Dana is about an hour from Petra and three hours from Amman. You will need your own car or driver as there's no public transport.


The canyon views from Dana

The canyon views from Dana are incredible. When we first got here, we couldn't believe that this isn't up there with Wadi Rum and Petra for things you have to see in Jordan. From Dana, you can see this canyon which goes on for miles and it is a simply amazing sight to see.

Walk down to Dana Village and keep going until you reach the edge of the village. From here you'll get to this incredible view point. 


Sunset at Feynan Eco-Lodge

If you want to completely disconnect from the outside world, then head to Feynan Ecolodge. This property is truly off the grid, in the middle of a desert and very eco-friendly. They use their own solar powered electricity, candle light in the evenings and no plastic to ensure this place has minimal impact on the environment.

In the evening, they offer a short sunset hike to a great lookout. You get to enjoy some delicious bedouin tea along with these stunning views, beautiful light and a great cuppa make the perfect evening.

Instagrammable spots in Jordan - Sunset at Feynan

Getting there: There are two ways to get to Feynan: a very long road (about 2-3 hours from Dana or 1.5 hours to Petra) or the 14km Wadi Dana Trail. We would highly recommend the Wadi Dana Trail as you'll see this spectacular canyon up close and experience the incredible landscape along the way.


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