Nungnung Waterfall: they don't get more epic than this

Nungnung Waterfall feels like it could be something out of Tarzan. As it is not particularly near Ubud or Kuta, it remains pretty quiet, this adds to the "into the wilds" feeling. 

Nungnung is huge, epic and powerful, and it is a must-see for anyone visiting Bali. If you don't mind cool water it is also a great place to take a dip!


Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall is situated at the bottom of a hell of a lot of steps (we heard it was over 500) and your legs feel it, even after walking down.

But once there you will be blown away by your first sight of the falls.

The water cascades down in torrents and if you get within a few metres of it, the spray will soak you within seconds. 

It's so powerful that the path and everything around it is permanently wet from the vapour. It feels wild, untamed and stunningly beautiful.

Best time to visit Nungnung Waterfall

We visited mid morning and it wasn't too busy. At points we had it to ourselves and then a few people would arrive, take a few photos and move on. 

Whether it is the hundreds of steps or the distance from Ubud that make it less popular than some of Bali's other waterfalls, we don't know. If you came early morning you would very likely have it completely to yourself. 

Getting to Nungnung Waterfall

Nung Nung is over an hour north of Ubud and the easiest way to get there is by taxi. You could hire a motorbike and drive yourself, but it was tucked away down a lot of windy, unmarked country roads so give yourself plenty of time to find it.

It is also a good stop on the way to Bedugul or Munduk, and breaks up the journey nicely.



Nungnung Waterfall Entrance Fee

Nung Nung was a little more expensive than those near Ubud, costing 20k to enter (just over $1 USD).

Nung Nung Waterfall Entrance Fee

What to do after (or before) Nungnung

If you fancy a cup of tea or coffee after your trip to the falls there was a cute little farm next door to Nung Nung car park.

The surroundings are really lush and you can pick from a huge array of different teas and coffees, or try them all in a tasting extravaganza.

There were so many we hadn't heard of that we decided to try them all. Most were delish, our favourites being the coconut coffee and lemongrass tea. The tasting was free but we bought separate cups of coffee too, which I guess would be expected.

It's a new venture and the staff were really friendly so we wish them well and recommend a stop off if you have the time.

They also have a swing (of course!) and as there was no one else around on our visit, I imagine you could spend as long as you like setting up those perfect Instagram shots!

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