Sekumpul Waterfall: What you must know before you go

Waterfalls don't get more impressive or bigger in Bali than Sekumpul. You can hear the water roar from hundreds of metres away and your first glimpse of these magnificent falls will blow you away. It's one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever seen, and a must on any Bali itinerary. 

However, it isn't easy to get to and it is the only waterfall we visited in Bali where people attempted to scam us. Despite this it is well worth making the trip. Just give yourself at least half a day to do so. Don't make the mistake we did thinking it would only take a couple of hours to visit from Bedugul and running out of time. 

***Edit May 2019: Since writing this post we’ve heard that some changes have been made to the way you can visit Sekumpul with prices ranging from 125,000 to 200,000 rupiah for a mandatory guide. We’ve also heard about people still managing to get through using the method we suggest below. More details on this are under our entrance fee section.
If you could let us know how you go that would be so helpful to our post. Remember that there are still many scams along the main road and our suggestion has always been to drive as far as you can along that road without stopping!***

Sekumpul Waterfall

One look at Sekumpul Waterfall and you'll think you've arrived in the Lost World. The whole place is lush and green and the falls are huge, giving a pre-historic feel to the area. 

The shot above of Sekumpul Waterfall is from the track before you walk down to the falls. Not a bad first glimpse of this magnificent spot. From here the trail continues down to the falls where you can easily go for a swim. 

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Getting to Sekumpul Waterfall

Getting to Sekumpul Waterfall is the hardest part. We hired a motorbike from Bedugul and the journey seemed to go on forever. Google Maps believes it is only a 45 minute trip, but it turned out to be closer to 1.5 hours from Bedugul.

The road to Sekumpul Waterfall is incredibly narrow, steep and has a thousand corners. This all adds up to the journey there being pretty arduous, especially if you're on a slow scooter like we were! In fact on the way back some of the hills were steep to get up with two of us on the bike!

The key thing to be aware of is avoiding every sign labelled "Sekumpul Registration" These points are actually hiking tours trying to lure you in with the belief that the only way you can visit is through an organised hiking tour. This isn't true and they are charging hundreds of thousands of rupiah. 

Stay true to Google Maps and get as close to the marked landmark as possible. You will have to park in the designated car park, but this only cost 2,000 rupiah.



The walk from the car park

This is where the fun begins. The people at the car park will insist you need a guide as it is too hard to find. They tried to charge $10 USD to take us on a 10 minute walk.

Whilst it is fiddly, just ask villagers to point you in the right direction, they will be more than happy to. Essentially keep listening for the waterfall and walking downwards. Eventually you'll come to the place where you need to pay and the entrance to the falls. The 'guides' were pretty insistent and actually got really rude when we kept refusing their offer, a real shame as everyone else we encountered in Bali were absolutely wonderful. Still the rest of the villagers make up for it, as they are as friendly as ever. 


Sekumpul Waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee for Sekumpul is 20,000 rupiah per person (just under $1.50 USD). Pretty cheap for seeing something like this! Just make sure you don't pay an entrance fee by the stops on the road. The real one is down some windy footpaths, a long way from the road and just before the waterfall itself. 

Update for 2019: The entrance fee to see Sekumpul Waterfall from the lookout is now 20,000 rupiah, after this point is a manned gate where you will be asked to pay an additional 125,000 rupiah per person and take a guide to the foot of the falls. There are wrist bands indicating whether you are view only or can go to the bottom of the falls. Some people have not paid the additional fee and still gone down independently but it can get aggressive.


Sekumpul Waterfall from Ubud

Getting to Sekumpul from Ubud would require a long day trip with this being the only thing you would realistically have time to do. Google Maps claims it takes two hours, but it would probably be a lot longer, especially if you are on a less than gutsy scooter!

We'd recommend visiting from Bedugul or Munduk, there is so much to see in this area, it is well worth a proper stop on your Bali itinerary. 

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